You can achieve extraordinary things; you just need a push. With our experience and a specialized team, we develop strategies, define actions, and work with you to achieve the results you aim for.

design and web

They say everything goes through the eyes. Your website and your brand are your showcase and they have to go hand in hand. We offer you the best solution to convey your values, aiming to strengthen and differentiate your image.


Everything in life requires strategy, that’s why we position your brand in the market based on a good plan for you to achieve your goals. We provide you with the best tools to connect with your audience.


We like the atypical. Breaking away from the norm. Listening to stories.

We want to know that idea that’s swirling in your head.

We have no prejudices, and we don’t like to judge.

Because innovation is challenging the established order.

adrián fernández

Software engineer
Misunderstood IT guy with experience in developing websites and doing magic with ones and zeros. He doesn't like photos and without him the office wouldn't work.

david pequeño

Director general (CEO)
The chemical catalyst for teams and projects. He likes marketing and science, but especially business models. The one who responds fastest to Whatsapps, with emails does not fall short.

jacobo gutiérrez

Head of Marketing & Communication
Graphic designer specialized in design and art direction. A die-hard minimalist and passionate about design in all its forms, and if it is sustainable, all the better. Frustrated surfer in his spare time (as a random side note)

javier martínez

Graphic designer
Architect turned graphic designer, always willing to lend a hand. If you have aesthetic doubts about how to furnish your home, do not hesitate to ask him.

lucía murga

Graphic designer
Expert in graphic design specialized in its application in marketing and advertising. She has been here for six months, a year...? nobody knows, it seems like she has been here all her life. Don't hesitate to ask her for a quote, it's been her specialty since day one.

manuel v. figueroa

Director of Science and Innovation.
A biologist with experience in biotechnology and marketing. He is also the one who knows about music in the office… (until the 70's).

maría corral

Graphic designer with experience in branding, UX/UI design and web development, she would make your project the envy of your competitors. She has the ultimate sensor to detect out of place pixels and can recognise Comic Sans even without glasses.

maría gago

Marketing y Creativity
The latest addition, a real mix of communication and design, if you're looking for a creative idea you know who to ask. An essential secret: she's addicted to Pinterest boards.

noelia freire

Scientific Content Creator
Physicist specialized in science communication and inveterate reader. She turns the most technical content into something as entertaining as an episode of your favorite series.

patricia amado

Biologist and off-road woman. In charge of the administration of the office and the company, she is also in charge of taking care of us and that we are all well.

sergio castro

IT Technician
New to the team, eager to learn and add his personal touch to the team. Navigates between lines of code like a cabin boy, translating creative ideas into solid digital experiences.

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