5 Chrome extensions that are a must-have on your desktop!

5 Chrome extensions that are a must-have on your desktop!
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Truth be told, we can’t deny that Chrome extensions have come to make our lives easier. They are small programs that can be installed in the browser to enhance its functionality. These extensions can add new features, modify the appearance, or simplify specific tasks while browsing the internet. They are very useful tools, and you can even find some fun games among them.

Let us tell you where to find them and share our favorites with you! Keep reading.

Extensions are available on the Chrome Web Store, a website that hosts a wide variety of extensions for various purposes, from organization to design.

Installing them is straightforward: search for the one you want to install, click on “Add to Chrome,” and it will be installed and activated automatically. If you want to manage them after downloading, go to the Chrome menu, select “Extensions,” where you can see all the extensions you have, along with their permissions. You can activate or deactivate them, and if you lose interest, you can delete them.

Now, here comes the good part… we bring you our favorite extensions. Functional, efficient, and they make our daily lives easier!

You can find out the font of any website you’re visiting. This extension identifies the font you’re looking at just by hovering your mouse over it. It allows you to know the font name, size, style, line height, and color. Font enthusiasts, this one’s for you!

Allows you to take a screenshot of an entire page or a specific section. The resulting capture can be saved as a file, an image, or a PDF. A reliable and quick way to take screenshots.

Ideal for marketers, offering different metrics of the pages we visit with the browser. It shows page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA). You can also see other elements such as on-page SEO like the title or meta description, general attributes like the canonical URL, link metrics like the number of external links, and markup with information about the market, as well as the HTTP status that shows information about the HTTP status of the specific page.

Your web development team probably already knows it, but if not, we’re here to make your life easier. An essential tool for managing color as it facilitates many tasks related to it. It allows you to get a color reading from any point in the web browser, adjust it quickly, and paste it into another design program.

Say goodbye to endless links; with this extension, you can shorten them to the maximum. This tool replaces the URL with a shorter and more generic ending, reducing its space in appearance but with the same effectiveness.

We could continue with an endless list of useful extensions because Google makes it easy for us, but we’ll leave you with the ones we use most daily that solve some headaches. What about you? Which ones do you use the most?


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