Marketing strategies with video games

Marketing strategies with video games
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The video game industry has become a significant source of revenue worldwide, as well as a space for innovation, investment, research, and the development of future technologies. In recent years, the gaming industry has transcended the boundaries of entertainment to create a wave or megatrend known as “gamification.” Gamification is a learning technique where the game model is applied. It transfers the mechanics of games into the educational and professional realm, achieving better results. Currently, marketing strategies with video games are on the rise.

Thanks to these new trends, an increasing number of sectors in our society are using them:

Use of Video Games in Education

The use of video games in this field is becoming increasingly relevant. Since the vast majority of children have played them at some point, education professionals are using them to capture their attention. Furthermore, video games help develop skills in analytical thinking, improve comprehension in physical sciences, and stimulate cognitive abilities.

Uses in the Military

Recently, the use of video games to train soldiers has become commonplace. The developer of Super Nintendo games created a Multipurpose Combat Simulator Arcade. Its purpose is to train troops for real-life situations, practicing and improving skills such as marksmanship and strategy.

Video Games and Health

We also find video games with practical uses in the realm of health. They are used as tools for psychotherapy, physiotherapy, or occupational therapy. They can also be used for therapy and training of people with nervous and motor paralysis, stimulating muscle use, strength, or hand movements.

There are also video games used in professional training, such as simulation games that serve for the training and development of skills for surgeons, nurses, and dentists.

Marketing Strategies with Video Games

Every day, marketing evolves, and different ways of implementing it become increasingly innovative. That’s why companies and agencies are constantly looking for ways to stand out when conducting a digital marketing campaign.

One excellent promotion idea, due to its multiple advantages and the interaction it achieves with users, is to use video games in marketing campaigns. The user or customer has fun while receiving information about the product or service.

These video game campaigns can be adapted to any sector. In our case, we have carried out successful promotion campaigns with video games. Here are two examples for you to enjoy:

  • BioGame: an animated story. It allows you to learn about some of the most surprising projects in the biotechnology sector. The campaign encouraged users to play to participate in a sector-related giveaway.
  • Ingenyus* Tetris. Our very own video game designed for those who get annoyed by encountering a boring 404 error page. We also used it in a marketing campaign to promote the launch of our new website and rewarded participants with a giveaway.

As you can see, video games can be used in various sectors today. Discover the impact of video games on our society, and if you find it interesting to use them in a marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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