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Trusted genomics company

AllGenetics has been the leading genomics services laboratory in Spain since 2011. With extensive experience in massive sequencing and bioinformatics, it is renowned for maintaining an excellent relationship with clients, who recommend it as their trusted genomics laboratory due to the high quality of its services.

At Ingenyus, we have designed the website with a focus on highlighting the five main service lines.


AllGenetics is known for presenting a friendly and attractive image, balanced with the professionalism that characterizes its services. Given the wide variety of services that fit into each line of action, we have chosen to differentiate each vertical through the use of distinct colors, icons, and photographs.

As an added complexity, the web design and setup have considered and implemented the accessibility requirements of the UNE-EN 301549:2022 standard.

Web allgenetics

web design

The development of the website has been based on the corporate identity of AllGenetics. The main goal is to display the different service categories at a glance, with a seemingly simplified menu that, once expanded, clearly shows each specific service.

For each service, there is a specific page that breaks down the necessary information to clarify the scope of the service, such as this example of RNA METABARCODING

To achieve this, we use a combination of content in both text and infographic forms:

RNA metabarcoding service

In line with the principles of transparency that govern web design, a team section is included to showcase their expertise, reflecting the company’s positioning as experts in genomics.


We are experts in

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