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Cancer Innova Program

A job for the strategic boost of the Cancer Innova Program of the Business Factory Medicines, in which the Kaertor Foundation, Spanish Association against Cancer, Galician Innovation Agency, Janssen, and Lilly participate.

The participation of ingenyus* corresponds to a comprehensive service that ranges from brand creation to the application and execution of tools aimed at the communication of the program, its execution, and dissemination to society as a whole.


This collaboration includes the strategic design, organization, and planning of the program in terms of attracting potential entities interested in participating in the project. In this regard, the most relevant aspects of the process are considered to be efficiently and effectively addressing the top of the funnel (raising awareness of the program) as well as conversion (ensuring that interested entities participate in it).

The approach addressed a global process focused on the process leading to the collection of Expressions of Interest to the closure, announcing the project’s results.


brand & applications

The project as a whole included the definition of the brand identity and the development of all necessary applications such as roll-ups, presentations, corporate documents, brochures, materials, etc. ingenyus* also ensured the correct and appropriate use of the brand in all communication actions during the project’s duration.

One of the differential aspects of these applications was the development of corporate videos aimed at explaining, in a simple manner, a process that is notable for its complexity.

web development

We designed and produced the corporate website for the event:, which has acted as the backbone of digital communication.

The most outstanding features of the website include the simple explanation of the call for participation and the design of a system of forms aimed at facilitating and managing the collection of Expressions of Interest.

social media

We developed a comprehensive communication plan focused on its promotion by the entities driving the event. The communication has centered both on the key timelines of the program and on the program’s results.

presentation events

A notable aspect of the program includes both the presentation event in a webinar format aimed at attracting interested parties and participants in the project, and the event for presenting results. The latter was characterized by the participation of the project representatives as well as by that of the President of the Xunta at that time, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

A continuación se muestra el evento de presentación así como  algunas imágenes del evento (Fuente original y propiedad: Xunta de Galicia):


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