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Biotech Partner for Certified Reference Materials

CIFGA is committed to enhancing human health by providing a wide array of certified reference materials and controlled quality standards across more than 30 countries. CIFGA is a member of the AMSlab group.

At Ingenyus, we have undertaken an extensive collaboration that spans from the brand redesign to the creation and development of a new online catalog, along with paid positioning and social media management. The technical complexity of the business model, as well as the specific needs, allow us to fully leverage our capabilities, resulting from a blend of science, design, and communication.

brand and applications

The project begins with a redesign of the brand, retaining geometric shapes and curves reflected through the typography, removing the interlacing of characters, enhancing readability, and giving more strength to the logo with increased thickness. We remain faithful to CIFGA’s original color, sea green, which symbolizes the source of the marine toxins, one of the brand’s strengths.

Old Cifga image

Brand redesign:

As a result of the process, the design and development of a Corporate Identity Manual are included, which features variations of the brand in negatives that are part of the applications developed later, such as the website:

Cifga Standars logo


ingenyus* undertook a web redesign focused on highlighting the catalog of products and services, including mycotoxins, cyanotoxins, and marine toxins. Overall, the website has been infused with more dynamism and the messages have been simplified in line with the international positioning strategy.

Cifga web

social media

As part of the collaboration, we have boosted the company’s social media presence with a special focus on the following aspects:

  • Increasing brand awareness for CIFGA
  • Showcasing the products and services offered by the brand
  • Highlighting the quality of the CIFGA brand
social media cifga

La colaboración incluye además acciones de posicionamiento pagado para el posicionamiento tanto de productos como de la compañía.


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