Clínica Moreiras

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Clínica Moreiras

Clínica Moreiras is an international reference centre for thyroid eye and orbit disease. Founded in 2001 in Santiago de Compostela by Dr. José Vicente Pérez Moreiras, it has focused all its energies on two objectives: to offer the highest quality in the treatment of diseases and to raise awareness among patients about the prevention of eye diseases.

logo update

We restyled the logo to make it more visually attractive and professional. In addition to the logo, the rest of the corporate elements have been adapted with the idea of updating the image of the clinic, giving it a friendly but traditional touch, highlighting its years of experience, as well as its adaptability to constant changes.


web design

Clínica Moreiras’ website is created based on UX principles, generating a pleasant experience for the user and is 100% responsive, adapting to different devices.

An intuitive and practical website for the user, where the main task is to locate the information as quickly as possible and to provide a satisfactory service. This means knowing the pathologies and being able to request an appointment both in person and online.

You can see it in this link.

Clínica Moreiras web

video production and postproduction

The main aim of Clínica Moreiras is to provide a close and comfortable treatment for its clients, which is why we have made a series of short videos where specialists explain the different pathologies and the most appropriate treatment, as well as the causes and effects of the same. The aim is to inform patients so that they can handle as much information as possible and thus be able to trust the best specialists.


We are experts in

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