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Galician Biotech Strategy

Development and design of the Galician Strategy for the Consolidation of the Biotechnology Sector in Galicia. This strategy has been created as a roadmap for the Xunta de Galicia, with the aim of supporting the sector and fostering economic growth and social welfare in the community. It has been conceived as a fundamental framework to position Galicia as an outstanding pole for the generation of knowledge, the promotion of business development, the fostering of business opportunities and the attraction of talent.

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Estrategia de Consolidación del sector Biotecnológico de Galicia


Following the development of the Biotechnology Impulse Strategy 2016 – 2020, we have carried out during the period from 2019 to 2020, the current Biotechnology Consolidation Strategy.

For the implementation of the current Consolidation Strategy, we created an open and collaborative process with a call to action. In addition to the creation of a series of meetings open to the general sector, as well as interviews with the main stakeholders, we obtained the necessary inputs to start the next phase.

A completely synergetic work to obtain as much knowledge as possible from the main agents involved in the sector. Developed in different stages such as: 

  • A sectoral survey of the ecosystem: a proposal for open access to the entire sector to quantitatively and qualitatively assess the 2016 period and thus identify needs for improvement.
  • Interviews with relevant agents: personalities from the generation of knowledge to representatives of the business or institutional sphere, serving as a starting point for the identification of specific lines of action for each strategic axis.
  • Strategic review: Participation by the members in the review and assessment of the strategic actions that make up the action plan prior to the publication of the Strategy, by way of validation.

The Consolidation strategy implies cross-sectoral hybridisation due to the cross-cutting nature of the technology and its potential for hybridisation with other sectors of activity or economic sectors, biotechnology is present in the debates on climate change, sustainable development, economic drivers of growth and other recent topical issues in the near environment.

Because of the different capacities and potential it harbours, the Strategy is mainly oriented towards six priority sub-sectors, balanced and characterised by cross-sectoral hybridisation.

Estrategia de Consolidación del sector Biotecnológico de Galicia
Estrategia de Consolidación del sector Biotecnológico de Galicia
Strategy 2021-2025

The Biotechnology Consolidation Strategy 2021-2025 contains the indisputable objective of consolidating the path begun four years ago to put the sector in the place it deserves and which Galicia needs.

To all this we must add measurable and specific objectives such as: 

  • To increase the number of companies in the biotechnology sector in Galicia by 50% (+63 companies).
  • To increase the overall turnover of the sector by 50% (+220 million €).<>
  • To increase by 25% the employment of qualified personnel in biotechnology (+500 people employed).
  • Increase R&D&I expenditure in biotechnology by 45% (+45 million €).
  • Increase the number of researchers by 20% (+250 FTE researchers).
  • Increase private investment capital by 300%.
  • Strengthen sectoral hybridisation through the development of 40 R&D&I projects.

In order to achieve the above objectives, a budget plan is planned to cover the different areas and actions required. The budget for the period 2021-2025 is €662M, based on a public investment of €430M and a private investment of €232M.


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