Galicia Biodays

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Reference forum for the biotechnology industry

We developed Galicia Biodays, a strategic event and epicentre of innovation in technology and life sciences in the European Atlantic Area.

We created the perfect space to establish new contacts and synergies, as well as an ideal scenario to explore the latest innovations in the sector through talks.

We developed the graphic corporate identity with the different applications required, the web design as well as the collaboration in the social media strategy and ads. Finally, we carried out the audiovisual production of the event.



Active participation in the conceptualisation and strategic design of the event. We support the client in decision-making and organisation from the initial phase to the end of the event.


The development of the branding is completely aligned with the Bioga brand, creating a real synergy between the event and the brand itself.

In order to carry out the event, it was necessary to design and implement the graphic corporate identity of Galicia Biodays.

The creation of a corporate image in line with the needs and values of the brand, as well as the creation of a clear and identifiable value proposition for the user.

Applications in different key resources for the dissemination and creation of the event itself, such as posters, signage, rollups, projections, badges and corporate merchandising, among others.

web design

We carry out the design and development of the website according to the corporate style of the brand. Always under a clear concept: a usable and functional website, easy to understand for any user.

After validating the wireframe, we set to work to create a versatile, aesthetic and intuitive website, without forgetting to ensure that it complies with responsive requirements. In addition to the correct SEO optimisation, this allows us to adapt to Google’s positioning standards, thus generating the best search results.

content creation

The content strategy was implemented both before, during and after the event, creating a variety of corporate and informative content.

We created a content plan for social networks with the development of corporate material publicising GaliciaBiodays. For this we created quality content under the same corporate style, posts for social networks, Newsletter campaigns, as well as the on-site production of photographs and videos with the corresponding editing.


We are experts in

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