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Early drug discovery from mushrooms

Hifas Biologics is a biotechnology company focused on early-stage drug discovery by harnessing fungi as a natural source. This company has emerged from the extensive knowledge accrued by Hifas da Terra over more than 20 years of experience in researching and validating the functional properties of fungi. Starting from this foundation, they use molecular identification strategies with a clear focus on developing early-stage drugs for significant unmet medical needs.


A company where Fleming would invest

To articulate what Hifas Biologics Genomepleio represents, we conducted a pre-consultation process aimed both at structuring content and identifying the key objectives of the company.

web design

We have developed the website with the corporate brand identity in mind. The result is a website that stands out not only for its menu but also for its distinctive design, with mycological references as the main highlight. The inclusion of animated elements and explanations through infographics create a visually appealing and unique composition.

Furthermore, access to information has been prioritized to accommodate various levels of scientific knowledge. The usability and functionality of the page are guaranteed, ensuring that any user can navigate it without difficulties. We have also carried out SEO optimization to enhance the site’s positioning on search engines like Google.

Hifas Biologics web

As a result, the website is both intuitive and distinctive, meticulously adhering to responsive design standards. This ensures an optimal experience from any browsing point, providing users with seamless functionality across various devices and screen sizes.


social media

As part of our service, we collaborate with Hifas in generating content for LinkedIn, focusing on providing value related to mycology and its derived properties. This strategic content creation aims to engage and educate the professional community, highlighting the innovative applications and benefits of fungal properties in various fields.

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