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Humanizing Technology through IoT

MOIRAI offers technology services to make available and provide complete control and a clear vision of everything that adds value to the processes of each company. This enables them to operate in virtually any sector.

We have developed the brand image and website design from scratch, representing the technology and innovation upon which this project is built.



MOIRAI boasts a distinctive design concept. Drawing inspiration from Swiss design, we have seamlessly integrated elements of classical mythology (the Moirai) with the progress and evolution of artificial intelligence applied in our processes, hence the name MOIRAI.

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MOIRAI emerges from the fusion of two concepts, Moiras (Moir) and Artificial Intelligence (Ai).

The development process of this corporate image spans from the initial research phase to practical implementation, with the logo serving as the central element of this identity.

moirai branding

To establish a connection, we’ve crafted unique iconography for each of the verticals in which MOIRAI offers its services. Additionally, we’ve humanized certain elements, such as the “O” in the logo, drawing inspiration from classical mythology and the destiny dictated by the Moirai in ancient Greece. The design aims to transcend conventionality, creating a brand environment where technology is as natural as the flow of the wind and the force of ocean waves.

History, modernity, and technology are reflected in the brand through the combination of colors, typography, and a timeless design.

web design

The development of the website has been based on the previously established corporate brand identity.

We have created a website that stands out in the industry for its original and daring design. The implementation of three-dimensional figures and fluorescent green creates an attractive and fresh composition.

Simultaneously, it maintains optimal usability and functionality for any type of user. We have also undertaken SEO optimization for the page, crucial for its favorable positioning on search engines like Google, thus establishing a strong organic presence.

A versatile, intuitive, and eye-catching website that meets all the requirements of responsive design to ensure a positive experience across various devices.


Finalist for Best Digital Design in the Design Category – Premios Paraugas 2023

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