NANOGAP – The new catalysis revolution

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Outsourcing – 360º Marketing & Communication

Nanogap is synonymous with the new revolution in catalysis. Specialized in the production of metal clusters, subnanometer particles with differential applications in industry. An example of the characteristics of its nanomaterials is the development of electrically conductive materials, photoluminescent materials, antimicrobial additives for paints and plastics, or new therapeutic treatments for cancer.

At ingenyus* we collaborate with Nanogap as their marketing and communication service, where we express our capabilities as a result of the science mix | design | communication


As in all our projects, participation includes participation in the strategic definition of marketing and communication actions as well as monitoring them through the project’s key indicators..

brand and applications

The project as a whole includes the development of all the applications necessary in the daily activity derived from the brand identity, such as roll-ups, presentations, corporate documents, materials, etc.

In particular, the support with the Hysun brand stands out, including naming, branding, public launch, website, etc.


web development

We design and produce the Nanogap corporate website, which is part of the company’s commercial process. The most notable aspects of the web redesign work include its complete restructuring, aimed at enhancing Nanogap’s role in the industrial catalysis revolution..

Likewise, a corporate video explaining the operation of metal clusters and their industrial application is included. 

Nanogap web

communication plan

We developed a comprehensive communication plan for the project, mainly aimed at generating valuable content through inbound marketing. Likewise, the dynamization of communication through social networks is enhanced, increasing the participation of the company’s most public profiles.. 

An example of the generation of inbound content of a more technical nature can be read here:

nanogap redes sociales

fairs, conferences and events

As part of the collaboration, we carry out the organization and attendance at fairs and congresses, including everything from the necessary administrative management to the design of applications such as stands and specific materials per fair/conference.


As part of the collaboration, we participated in the public presentation of Hysun at the Talent Garden in Madrid:

evento talent garden hysun


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