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Indoor Vertical Farming

Néboda is an indoor vertical farming company. Its high-density, low-cost farming system combines with its scientific approach and expertise in industrial automation. Thanks to this, they position themselves as an innovative company tailored to the needs of their target audience.

We have developed the website design with very clear guidelines, emphasizing high technology, sustainability, and vertical farming.


Néboda stands out for a fresh, approachable, and attractive image to the consumer. The fusion of illustration and imagery culminates in a recognizable and eye-catching design style. These concepts must be present at all times when establishing and designing an accessible website that aligns with the pursued objectives.

Project Dimension

web design

Néboda Farms

web design

The development of the website has been based on the previously established corporate identity.

The first thing to convey at a glance is the sustainability and high technology employed by Néboda. The use of illustrations accompanied by these basic concepts in the main slider allows us to perfectly define the brand.

Another objective is to provide continuity to the website, so the overlay of shapes and images with serrated and circular finishes adds clear dynamism to the user experience, making transitions between sections much more organic and natural.

Another key aspect of the website is the conversion of textual content into identifying graphic elements, allowing us to unify the image and make Néboda’s website a kind of definitive infographic about the company.

Néboda Farms


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