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In coordination with the marketing department of the Phibo Group, we carry out various actions in order to unify and implement the company’s brand communication. The service we offer is totally 360º with actions that range from audiovisual, social media, strategy, communication, events, positioning to graphic design.



Through organized and strategic planning we work synergistically with the group in order to create communication that is consistent with the brand. To speed up and facilitate the process, we carry out the project through meetings, including visits to facilities. Furthermore, within this planning we include the part of monitoring and measuring results, a very relevant part to check how the work works and in what aspects we can improve.


graphic design

We carry out the graphic part of the communication encompassing a wide range of materials that include packaging, merchandising, presentations, recruitment elements, as well as corporate documents such as catalogues, diplomas and presentations, all of them under a coherent and unified brand identity.


web development

In the digital field, constant updating is essential, both in terms of technical maintenance and structure. Therefore, we take care of reviews and updates, as well as SEO review, since it plays a fundamental role in ensuring that the website is positioned organically in search engines.

social media

We developed a comprehensive plan designed specifically for the Phibo Group, which encompasses the creation and development of content, to monitoring and validation, including the management of the visual aspects of its social networks. In addition, we are in charge of the execution of advertising campaigns and the continuous updating and information on social networks.



We prepare an action and execution plan for the development of various events, including a detailed analysis of the needs both in terms of design, planning and direction. We seek a main objective which is to create relevant experiences that not only meet the basic standards of an event, but also highlight and reinforce the presence and identity of the brand in each of these situations.



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