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Responsibility, sustainability and ESG commitment

Organization of the final event of the 3rd edition of Responsabilízate of the Xunta de Galicia. This program offers 100% free advice aimed at supporting SMEs and micro-enterprises in the Galician business community in their transformation towards environmentally, socially and economically sustainable business models.

Beneficiary entities receive comprehensive support, training and free consulting services from a group of experts to develop initiatives adapted to their needs, resources and priorities..


This collaboration includes participation from the strategic and organizational phase of the event, in which up to 400 people representing the entities that have participated in the project participate. Ingenyus* carries out comprehensive management of the event in collaboration with the client.

The project includes both design and marketing actions as well as consulting and management during the day of the event itself. Below you can see a summary of the delivery ceremony:

comprehensive management and applications

The project as a whole includes the strategic planning of spaces and times, as well as the development of the necessary applications to give the event the necessary corporate identity: stages, catering, roll-ups, photocall, etc.

From ingenyus*, management and coordination was carried out with all participating companies such as hostess service, catering, etc. This action is also necessary for the management of the authorities, attendees and the public. The event was a success in participation, as we immortalized with our photography and video service.


Evento responsabilizate 01
Evento responsabilizate 08
Evento responsabilizate 04
Evento responsabilizate 06


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