Un Traballo de Fondo

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Un traballo de fondo

Collaboration with the Department of Employment Promotion and Equality to drive a Conference on the present and future of Equality, Diversity, and violence in the workplace.

Ingenyus* participation encompasses everything from strategic organization to the execution, monitoring, and production of the event. A 360° service with actions ranging from audiovisual, social media, strategy, communication, events, positioning, to graphic design.


This collaboration encompasses strategic design, organization, and planning of the conference. In this regard, it includes everything from the strategic selection of the location to defining the marketing funnel necessary for attendee acquisition and their final management. Additionally, as part of this planning, we include monitoring and measuring outcomes, a crucial aspect for assessing the event’s impact.

graphic design

We carried out the design of the event’s corporate image as well as the development of its applications, ranging from the event’s communication itself to the production of materials and their application in the audiovisual communication section (signage, screens, roll-ups, etc.).

A unique visual identity ensures that this conference, as well as potential similar future conferences, can be easily remembered by attendees.

web development

We designed and produced the corporate website for the event: https://untraballodefondo.gal/, which has served as the backbone of digital communication.

The website stands out for its simplicity and the constant updating of speakers through its program. Additionally, it integrates the registration form with its multiple attendance options, necessary for proper sizing.

social media

We developed a comprehensive communication plan focused on being propelled by the event’s promoters. The communication has centered on highlighting the value of the profiles that make up the program, given their relevance and interest to the audience. The SEO images generated were specially designed for sharing on social media.

audiovisual production

A notable aspect of the event was the audiovisual production, including recording and photography. The event could be followed through streaming via installed cameras, including sign language interpretation. Additionally, a summary video of the event was edited:

Below are some images of the event:

Un traballo de fondo


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