Google and its YouTube series

Google and its YouTube series
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Google has just launched an exclusive series on YouTube that could change the way your website appears in search results. The series, titled ‘Simplified SEO,’ aims to provide valuable optimization tips to website owners, whether they are beginners or experts.

In the inaugural episode, hosted by Martin Splitt, a prominent member of Google’s Search Relations team, the focus is on an essential topic: the use of structured data. The main goal? Customize how Google displays your site’s name in its search results.

The key is to incorporate structured data on your site’s homepage. This informs Google’s search about how you want your site’s name to be presented, highlighting your presence in a unique way. But here’s a trick up your sleeve! If implementing structured data is not possible, make sure to consistently include your site’s name in the title of all pages.

Now, let’s talk about crucial details. It’s important to note that this strategy only works with subdomains or top-level domains, excluding websites using directories. After following all the necessary steps, you just need a bit of patience while Google processes and updates the information to reflect it correctly in search results.

Have you already started watching the episodes? We want to hear your impressions!

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